Wild Rhyme Trees

What me count?


Scare Me Good Poetry Contest
Deadline: Monday, October 24, 2016

Send me strange, weird, eerie, monsters (human or otherwise),
Cthulhu, Yog-Sothoth, vampires, ghouls, etc. Think Edgar Allan Poe,
H. P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, Clive Barker, Weird Tales,
Twilight Zone and Outer Limits -- but, using poetic forms.
Alternatively, there's plenty of frightening real-life material such as
war, abuse, cruelty, crime, sickness, insanity and death. Remember:
Avoid clichés like the plague (cliché intended); and, show, don't tell --
an aged, but still relevant rule of writing.... :-)

I'm a Poe head!

Wild Rhyme Trees

No flowing, rapid rivers
Or pools of chlorine harm,
No lake of starry slivers
Can ever hope to charm

Like a warm and sandy beach
Of moon-swept, salty seas,
On an island out of reach
Growing silly, Wild Rhyme Trees.

Copyright © 2009 Tom Arnone

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